Finally, we finished our final project, it took us so many days to think about the main subject of our project, it took hard work and some struggling but at the end it worth it, we managed to produce a complete project from all factors, with the best abilities and best work as we can. … More LADIES SPORTS..



Today we have finished all the aspects in our final project, and already posted in Adobe spark. We managed to cover most of the subjects that we have learned through this course in our final project, videos and editing it, photo story and also editing it, but we skipped the audio because it took us … More ALL DONE!

Promo Editing

Still struggling with some editing. One of our A-roll has so much noise in the background and we had to muted it so the voice of our guest can be heard, we make use of some natural sound from YouTube. Our struggling did not stopped at that point, we struggled with editing the link between … More Promo Editing

The Death Migration

The beginning of the video started with a quoted statement by the old man, “Munsif” with a b-roll, when they put a flashback photos, with his sound in the background advising the youth to effect them in a positive way. After that the title of the interview appeared with sound, which should be silent.  The … More The Death Migration

My First Blog..

My experience with creating a blog, at the beginning I surly struggled because it was my first time creating my own site, blog. I was very confused with Dr Eisa introducing the subject as the most complicated and hardest subject in our semester. At the beginning it seemed difficult, but after following the Prof. steps … More My First Blog..