MultiMedia Journalism & StoryTelling.

At the beginning I was very confused with the word press when Dr Eisa ordered us to make a blog, but after going through it more than one time, and started to post blogs, and designed my blog as I wished it become much more easier. This subject has taught me how to manage a blog, edit videos via I-movie, taking photos from different angel, and how to edit the photo through Light room, and how to edit an audio interview via Audacity, actually I still struggled with audacity I couldn’t manage to make an appropriate audio interview it was mess and Dr Eisa did not like it at all, but on the other hand, he liked my video editing, and I loved my experience in the editing. Beside taking photos, videos, and audio, This subject taught me how to design a logo, or photo, even a poster via canva, it was really good experience for me, I loved every single design I had made it through canva, and I helped my friend with her home business by making for her the logo from canva.

This subject was as fun as I thought it was, it taught me so many things that will help me in the future with my career. Big thank goes to Dr Eisa for giving us this opportunity in this subject, and making it so easier through this condition with the online course.


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