The Death Migration

The beginning of the video started with a quoted statement by the old man, “Munsif” with a b-roll, when they put a flashback photos, with his sound in the background advising the youth to effect them in a positive way. After that the title of the interview appeared with sound, which should be silent.  The video started with a narrator, telling the content of the video, the beginning of the video until the middle of it was a full b-roll shots, by taking shots about the town, “Munsif , his house, and wife to give a full image to the viewers.

The interview started with extreme close up on his hand holding a rosary, after that the close up become on focusing at “Munsif”, then it begin with zoom out shots with the interviewer showing beside him, and I think this shot and the house from outside was “the anything you want shot.” The rules of videos have been applied in the right way, which the photographer took the shots for “Munsif” in the right side not in the center, after that they took the medium shot, while he was moving with his carriage, but they missed the over the shoulder shot. The voice was very clear and has no disturbance, the only comment I would consider as technique error is they did not change the angle of the camera, it was set on one position in the interview, plus that the title should be silent and they add a sound with it and they did not mention the credit for who at the end.

Over all the story is so touching, unconstrained, simple, spontaneous, emotional and humanist, despite the struggle he was facing he was rich in positivity.


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