Today we have finished all the aspects in our final project, and already posted in Adobe spark. We managed to cover most of the subjects that we have learned through this course in our final project, videos and editing it, photo story and also editing it, but we skipped the audio because it took us so much hard work to make it perfect and most of us got on the audio low grades, so we did not want to take that risk to get low grades in the final project. All of us in the final project group got the skill on how to edit videos, Dr Eisa also liked our editing as well. I think the main elements that developed my skills on taking photos and editing the videos, the online course I took it by Abdullah AlShaijii and Abdulrahman AlBadah, about how to edit and how to manage the lighting and all the factors that any photographer need to add it to their skill.

Very proud of my self and my colleagues on our final project, did not thought it will be that good, hoping everyone will like it just like we did.


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