The Unusual Usual..

Dr. Sharifa AlGhaith she’s one of my high school friends. As I call her nowadays our superhero in the corona era, and also she’s a senior student in the school of medicine, she volunteered in the clinic next to her home in AlShamiya, but after the public health department announced that there is lack of employee in Jaber AlAhmad hospital, she rushed to sing up to be a part of the Jaber AlAhmad hospital team. After that, she got her approval via her email. She started to work on the 7th of June until today. She was located in the swab room to help the doctors. Additionally, she was responsible for reducing the number of patients in the waiting area to prevent crowding and to help establish social distancing as per of the health government rules. Sharifa tries as possible as she can to stay away from her family and keep her social distance between them, she also keep distance between her colleagues to prevent spreading the virus. Eventually she wish everyone good health, to be safe and for patients infected with COVID-19 to get well soon.


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