The course was held by two Kuwaitis photographer, Abdullah AlShaiji, and Abdulrahman AlBadah.

The first main advice of the course is “Live the experience.” If you want to be creative, you must take the photograph as an entertainment activity or a hobby because physiological pressure makes a person fails to present the idea of photograph, that’s why you should love what you do to be creative in it, so you must live the experience in order to transmit your thoughts to a living photos.

The most important point I learned in this course is taking more than one picture, in more than one angle, in more than one lighting effects, and lastly in more than one technic, because you never knew which one will be useful. 

AlShaiji mentioned the three ways of thinking before taking photos, first one was the frame, second was the lighting, third one was the main concept of the photos, these technics I was unaware of them before the course and I did not care of it all but after the course it firmed in my mind, besides that AlBadah pointed out about the clarity of the camera, and how the finger prints can effect the quality of the photo, and it cleared out that his advice really matter, and the second thing I learned from the course is the lighting, the lighting considered as the success of the photo as they said.

Portraits features in the iPhone, I took this advantage of my phone and start taking portraits pictures, as AlBadah refer to an taking photo in professional cameras, it can be used when there’s more than one object or a crowd in the background and you want to focused on a main object.

And here’s some of my portraits pictures and tried the reflection mode also, after taking mobileography course..


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