First Audio Interview

First audio interview has been held with Dr. Rashid AlEnezi, professor in Kuwait University, majored in International and Humanitarian law. The interview was with him personally in his office in Kuwait University located in Shuwaikh campus, on 12th February, at 1pm. Dr Rashid was one of the thousand captive Kuwaitis that the Iraqi military took them before liberation in few days in the invasion. unfortunately, our target time was not enough to cover all his story, but one of those that must be mentioned, he wrote his diary since day one from the captivity, and contain 6000 pages. The interview influence my inner awareness of the blessing peace and protection we have it nowadays. As young generation we did not witness this period, we will never reach the level of sacred to our country, just like those who did attend the invasion, they witness the loose of their country, and their identity, even their family nor their friend.
Dr. Rashid, was one of those people who puts imprint in me, and showed me how to love your country no matter what happen.

Dr. Rashid AlEnezi.

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